Wednesday Sep. 23 Live : Water Leaders Summit - Water Culture in New Era

水領袖峰會 新時代水文化價值

Thursday Sep. 24 Live

Water and Taipei (1)-Resilience and Adaptation
城市水系列(1) 韌性水調適
Water and the Environment (1)-2020 International Seminar for Trenchless Technology in Taiwan (R.O.C.)
環境水系列(1) 2020地下管道免開挖技術國際研討會
Water and the Industries (1)-Foundation of Corporate Sustainability-Mindset of Water CSR
產業水系列(1) 企業永續之基石-企業社會責任
Water Culture (2)-Impacts and Conservation of Cultural Landscape as the Watershed Changes
文化水系列(2) 流域改變對於文化景觀的衝擊與保存
Water and Taipei (2)-Sustainable Water Usage
城市水系列(2) 永續水利用
Water and the Industries (2)-Smart Solution for Water Supply and Control for the New Era
產業水系列(2) 智慧供水及調控技術-新世代解決方案

Friday Sep. 25 Live

Water and Taipei (3)-Vibrant Water Environment
城市水系列(3) 友善水環境
Water and the Environment (2)-The Study of Land Subsidence Mechanism and Groundwater Recharge
環境水系列(2) 地層下陷機制與地下水補注交流
Water and the Industries (3)-Business Opportunity and Exploration in Emerging Southeast Asian Water Markets
產業水系列(3) 新南向水務市場商機與開發
Water and the Environment (3)-Dredging for Reservoir and Storage Capacity Improvement
環境水系列(3) 水庫清淤與庫容改善
Water and the Environment (4)-Mitigating Hydro-Meteorological Hazards With Nature-Based Solutions
環境水系列(4) 永續水環境-順應自然的治水思維