About Water Leaders Summit

The Values of Water Culture: with the changes in ways of thinking and management interventions, a better life liked to water will be created through the influence of culture.

Facing the challenges of climate change, it is necessary to introduce international experiences to increase the resilience of water resources management and flood-prevention, especially when conventional flood-proofing approaches are no longer compatible. These experiences are induced from the alterations in ways of thinking, leading to the changes in management interventions. However, from relying rivers to absorb flood runoff to restoring permeable lands, from counting on governments for management to public-private partnerships, and from unvaried policy to refined strategies in water resources management, these transformational changes require opportunities. “Culture” is the opportunity, for its close connections with human and water, as well as its capability to guide society.

As a result, the International Forum 2020 with the title of “Water Culture in New Era” will discuss the pathways to reshape our water plans with the strength of culture. Assuredly, more phenomenal cooperation opportunities between governments, enterprises, and research institutes will be established through the sharing and discussions in disciplines of “Culture”, “Environment”, “Industry” and “Cities”.





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2020/09/23 ~ 2020/09/25

09:00 - 17:00

Taipei International Convention Center

1 Hsin-Yi Road, Section 5, Taipei 11049, Taiwan ROC